First car as Face2Faith taxi

Times change, nothing is less true in the case of Pakistan, where cars are increasing in popularity as mode of transport in recent years. This also means less people will choose the riksha to get to their destination. In order to move with the times, we have bought a car to use as a cab,

Two new schools started

Two schools have started again, after the build of a new “classroom” and purchase of new lessonmaterial. Besides that a toilet and a manual water pump have been build / put in operation.

The children visited the museum

The children of the Face2Faith Education Centre in Nawabshah visited the museum. They learned a lot about the history of Pakistan.

Report from SDOK from presecuted christians from the slums of Islamabad

In 2012, all of a sudden about 800 Christians had to flee from the Pakistani capital Islamabad. They were threatened by radical Muslims, after the 14 year old Christian girl Rimsha was wrongfully accused of desecration of the Quran. Now, a few years later, this group of Christians still hasn’t returned. How are they doing?

Pakistani family on the run after conversion to Christianity

A Christian family form Pakistan is living in fear since the mother has conversed herself to Christianity. The Islamic parents of the woman do not agree with the conversion and the marriage of their daughter, and are applying pressure to the couple to convert to Islam. Out of fear of attack or arrest, the couple

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