Brief van aankomend student


I am S.N. I am glad to be a part of face 2 faith I am very thankful to face2faith that because of them now I can make my future better.

I came from Punjab n 19 years old. I have four siblings and I am the youngest one in siblings. one of my brother had been killed 8 years ago, my father was also injured in that invasion from Muslims, since that we were having a terrible life but somehow I have completed my tenth grade and I am the only person in my entire family who has done 10th grade but after that I was unable to continue my studies cause of circumstances and financial issues.

I was looking forward to support my family but there was nothing I could do about it I was in so grief and then after few days I heard about face 2 faith from one of my relative and then I did access to face 2 faith.

They visited me and gave me a word of hope then they brought me to Karachi and now I am doing my midwifery training and face 2 faith got me admission and they are fully supporting me. I joined Murshed hospital on 1st of September 2013 and now i will give my final exams in April 2015.

Now I can see my future is going to be bright and sure that I will be able to support my family. my best wishes will be remain with face 2 faith and one more thing I want to share that if you want to do anything for someone please do contact with face 2 faith because I am not the only one there are so many others who wants to be something in their life so if you think that God has given you enough then help others who deserve like me.

Once again I would like to thanks to face 2 faith. Help with the power of God.

God bless you all.


S N.

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